Looking to sell your business but don’t know where to start?

Don’t panic. Our specialist team is ready to help you sell.

For both the Accountancy and Payroll sectors, Business Central Ltd. are specialists in business sales and acquisitions. We have exclusive access to a growing network of serious buyers seeking to purchase a company like yours.

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Each client is unique, which is why our approach is never
‘one exit strategy fits all.’

But there are a few core things we can promise every potential seller regardless of size or business value.

Free Business Valuation

Every business has a series of variables that influence its overall value. Our initial step, we offer an in-depth business valuation followed up by a professional consultation.

Comprehensive Sale Strategy

We draw up a detailed Exit Plan to make for a smooth transition. Our specialist team will brief you at all points, working with you to prepare a business portfolio for potential buyers.

Complete Confidentiality

Our brokers will contact only buyers approved by you, using certified profiling techniques to not compromise the identity of your business. No one will know about your decision to sell until you are ready to release the information publicly.

Access to Serious Buyers

With our large networking circuit and resource hub, we are able to extend our reach to the largest possible base of buyers ensuring your business makes contact with the right buyer.

Dedicated Account Manager

It is important to us that we find for you the right buyer - that is why we assign you a dedicated Account Manager who will oversee the acquisition from start to finish.

Finding the right buyer...

When selling your business, you don’t want just any buyer, you want the best buyer. For first time business owners especially, the business of selling one can often seem like a worrying prospect.


Through misguided advice or even naivety, it is common for business owners to sell their company short, losing out on both money and opportunity. Partnering up with a reputable business broker or intermediary ultimately eliminates that risk. Business Central Ltd. are here to guide you through every step of the way, providing one-to-one consultation, as well as using our extensive industry knowledge to optimise your business’s traction within the buyer market.

It’s in our best interest to get you the best deal.

Looking for a controlled exit?

We can help you. Drop us an email below – you may be just what we’re looking for.

After all, growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.



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