Business Central Ltd. is an Acquisitions & Investment company that has united a team of industry specialists from across the globe.

Business Central Ltd works towards empowering companies and entrepreneurs alike. Our hands-on approach aims to give our clients the means to expand their businesses, ultimately creating viable avenues to gain an industry advantage. We are an innovative fast-moving organisation and we ultimately invest and acquire companies with high-growth potential. Our team has many years of experience successfully buying companies and helping them grow. 

Business Central has worked hard to build what can be considered a trusted partner for ambitious business owners to help them build on their brands and expand their business. We offer financial backing and a smooth exit option depending on the needs of each client and a strategic development consultation throughout various stages of a company’s journey, using our wealth of experience to help bring success to our partners.


Integrity & Honesty

Our top priority is to develop business relationships that are defined by honesty. Our partners are the most important element of our operations and we strive to develop relationships that are built on mutual trust and integrity.


Making mistakes is natural and sometimes inevitable. Assuming responsibility for one’s mistakes, on the rare occasions they occur, is something we practice and preach here at Business Central.


We enjoy pursuing capital ventures with business enthusiasts that are determined to make their dreams come true, no matter the effort they have to put in.


We always push our creative boundaries further and further, constantly looking for ways to innovate our operations and services. Our partners share the same passion for novelty and creativity.

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